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From Abdul Kalam’s driver to History professor: The journey of V Kathiresan

Today marks the 89th birth anniversary of the real superhero of India or as many calls the Missile Man of India, former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The missile man of India has many achievements under his belt from heading the nuclear tests at Pokhran that made India a nuclear […]

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Movies with ‘The Grandfather paradox’

Movies with ‘The Grandfather paradox’ BY MANGO POST There are many theories related to time travel, on how it is possible and not possible. Also, people with time travel obsession gave their conspiracy theories, some people even get easily influenced by it and claim it to be true. Black holes, […]

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35 Years of Assam Accord : What is it and what did it bring for Barak Valley?

35 Years of Assam Accord : What is it and what did it bring for Barak Valley? 14th August, 2020 marks 35 years of the signing of the historic Assam Accord between the Government of India, the Government of Assam and the leaders of the Assam Agitation. BY AKASH BHATTACHARJEE […]

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KASHMIR – The Land or The People?

Alright, I’ll straightaway concede that the internet isn’t that big of a deal. People can, and have gotten by, without the internet for centuries. It does help businesses and the education sector, especially at a time when there’s a pandemic raging through the entire world but there’s no denying that […]

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Media is considered as the fourth pillar of DEMOCRACY. It is a complete source of acquiring knowledge relating to the current situation of the world. Being a part of the World’s largest democracy, the duty and role of Indian Media become most important. In Indian History, media has been recognized […]

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