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Movies with ‘The Grandfather paradox’


There are many theories related to time travel, on how it is possible and not possible. Also, people with time travel obsession gave their conspiracy theories, some people even get easily influenced by it and claim it to be true. Black holes, gravitational waves, God particles were just a theory back then but it is proven now, so we can say it exists. On the other hand, people confidently believe in YouTube conspiracy videos on ‘time travel’ which has not yet been proven. But someday, who knows!

The most common theory that movies e.g Intersteller pickup on possibilities of time travel is the existence of a Wormhole (Einstein–Rosen bridge) but at present space-time wormholes are theoretical only.

Out of all the time travel paradoxes ‘The grandfather paradox’ is adapted in most of the movies, sci-fi novels and comics. It was first thought by French author René Barjavel (Ice people, Goodreads 4.1) in 1944 in his book Le Voyageur Imprudent, translated as “Future Times Three”. See, he is not even a theoretical physicist. That’s why when people ask me what sort of books they must read I always ask them to read fiction. Yes, society, tax, history is important, we must know, it’s a necessity but if you want to broaden your mind please read fiction.

Recently I have watched Christopher Nolan’sTenet’ and the entire movie is on two theories one is Time inversion and the other is the grandfather paradox. Now, most of the sci-fi writers press the ‘Quantum-mechanics-button’ to explain everything in their work, although it is the only way to explain but in the movie Tenet, the writer clearly explains it. Time inverse theory is basically based on reversing entropy, we all know from our primary level physics knowledge that the entropy of the universe is constantly increasing, it is basically the arrow of time and entropy increases with an increase in temperature. So what happens at absolute zero temperature? Of course, entropy becomes zero but absolute zero temperature has not yet been attained. Reversing entropy at the microscopic level is possible but at the macroscopic level, its usually directional, the arrow of time follows from the Second Law of Thermodynamics—that disorder, or entropy, always increases in a closed system.

Kaonan Micadei at the Federal University of ABC in Brazil and his co-workers in their recent paper “Reversing the direction of heat flow using quantum correlations” reversed the arrow of time. Hence technology exhibited in the movie tenet is possible with a decade of development. The same concept of reverse entropy is used in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Great movie.

And about Grandfather paradox, it is just the same concept used in many movies. It’s an endless loop of past, present, future and how every single event has happened must happen and will happen. The movies like Predestination, The time traveller’s wife are the perfect examples. There are many time travel movies that I loved which include Safety Not Guaranteed, About Time, ( where Time-traveling trait stated to be hereditary )

So can we break grandfather’s paradox? A lot of people believe that it is not possible to break it and if you think you broke it, you have gone into an alternate reality. That is where the multiverse concept kicks in which is a hot ending in the Netflix series Dark. The concept of breaking the paradox is probably the theme of the horror series The Haunting of Hill House. Whereas in the famous animated sitcom Rick and Morty, the writer clearly states it is impossible to go back and change your past without screwing up the present. I mean an alternate reality.

The great scientist Stephen Hawking thew a party for future people but sadly no one showed up and he also warned us not to contact aliens. Since Time-traveling is not happening anytime soon. So, we must rely on fictions but one thing about time travel is pretty sure that it brings chaos.

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