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The Comment that started a brawl on social media and lead to rape threats to a minor girl.

Recently there has been an incident in Silchar where a girl posted some comments publicly on a friend’s post asking him to try a particular beef dish. Here is the comment what she posted on social media account:


So the girl being a Hindu, triggered some sentiments among people with her comments which couldn’t have come at the worst time when there was already some tension regarding the Groundbreaking ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The social media immediately got divided into two groups.

One group abusing her on social media with slangs and harsh words and other coming to her support saying she is a teenager (doesn’t give her a free pass out of everything), doesn’t know what she is doing and opposing the slang (which is totally justified). People who posted in support of her also got thrashed on social media some even gave rape threats. So the question here is who’s fault was it and who did the worst? Because no one did the right thing (Who are we to judge anyway, though?) First of all, abusing a girl with slang such as prostitution and giving rape threats shouldn’t be tolerated and actions need to be taken against those morons.

 Now let’s talk about the girl who started this local social media brawl. Firstly, most of us been through this teenage phase, we were among the first teenagers or school-goers who got access to social media but how many of us posted such sensitive things on social media during our high school years (17-18 years) or even during early college days. So what changed so rapidly that such provoking posts are bring posted by educated teenagers nowadays? The answer is simple. To look cool among friend circles and on social media platforms. Not following your own culture which is the oldest Dharma in the known history is one’s personal choice and no one can force anything on someone, but speaking out loud that you don’t follow your own religion that too on a social media platform in front of millions of users will definitely raise chaos.

 Though the comments on her profile and on the profile of people supporting her are not at all justified. But at the same time, such comments regarding the holy animal of a particular religion whom we call as Maya (Gau-Mata) was destined to trigger a brawl. Let’s have a look at some of the comments on her social media post.

 If a girl is mature enough to know that her mother will not entertain her eating such dish and if she knows the cause then she should know that posting such comment publicly on such a day was not cool at all. So the thing here is that just to prove that you are a secular citizen and to show how cool you are, you shouldn’t post sensitive comments on social media which can trigger religious sentiments of a mass (don’t use that teenager card). Secondly, a person who can’t respect his/her own religion/cast will never respect yours (so don’t support wrongdoings).

Now those people giving abusive comments on a girl’s profile should be ashamed of themselves. There are ways to debate or disagree with someone. No one gives anyone any freaking rights to give rape threats to any women. Giving those comments just shows how they were raised and their own mentality  which needs an installation. And actions need to be taken against such threats

2 thoughts on “The Comment on Social media that started a Brawl

  1. 1.The girls should not have posted such things on social media,it would have obviously hurt sentiments of the people.She should have learnt by this time that what she personally had done or believe, should strictly remained confined to her and it is her personal choice so it is very unwise and ridiculous to go public with it.
    2.The people who are rape threats to such minor girl are just not human being.There is other ways to raise your objections and disagreement to particular wrongdoings (intentional or non-intentional). What the girl has done is obviously wrong and it needs to be protested but for posting only you just can’t give rape threats.If someone has such mentality,then he is worst of the living creatures (অধমের থেকে অধম).

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