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Media is considered as the fourth pillar of DEMOCRACY. It is a complete source of acquiring knowledge relating to the current situation of the world. Being a part of the World’s largest democracy, the duty and role of Indian Media become most important.

In Indian History, media has been recognized as influential, patriotic and trustworthy in the socio-economic and political climate of the nation. But with the passage of time media like every other profession has changed its motion and it became thirsty for TRP. With the growth of paid news and TRP; the media is losing the trust which it has acquired in the earlier days by its hard work. Now, the bricks of the pillar are getting hit by TRPs and as a result of which it is getting derailed from its main motto.

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The journalists are applying a trick to last longer in the field of Journalism, for which they are choosing quantity over quality products. Nowadays, the journalists are showing such irrelevant news time and again in place of that news which is more important in the public interest.

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In some news channels, they will never show the loopholes of the Government; rather they will always keep praising the Government activities. The main role of the media is anti-establishment. It should make a balance between reward and punishment psychology. In a democratic country, the two most important things which play a vital role in development are

(a) a strong opposition

(b) Media.

But in India, media is applying reverse psychology.

A few days back, an Indian celebrity Mr Amitabh Bachchan has tested COVID Positive and the Indian News Channels has started giving updates regarding his routine in the isolation period; but they forgot to cover the news regarding the issue that thousands of people are dying without getting treatment. The focus of the media is not covering the darkest part of India.

Currently the Media is busy covering the news with the headline “RHEA TUNE KYA KIA” and “SHUSHANT PE RIA KA KALA JADU” under the context of Sushant Singh Rajputs’s suicide mystery.

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Media Stereotyping Bengali women performing Kala Jadu
Source: Aaj Tak

While more than 27.64 Lakh people of Assam is getting badly affected by it’s flood. People were not getting any shelter and relief to survive in this pathetic situation, more than 80 people of Assam died and 90 animals of Kaziranga National Park died due to this vicious flood.

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A glimpse of Assam Flood

That Assam whose flood is not considered as a national calamity but whose resources are considered as national resources; that Assam which is getting badly affected by flood but despite the fact, the news channels were covering that news which will help them to gain TRP.

The News Channels also forgot to show the pathetic situation of the people of Bihar who are getting badly affected by the flood. Nearly 3 million people have been affected in 12 districts of Bihar, but only two or three news channels were covering the updates regarding the floods.

A glimpse of Bihar Flood. Source-India Today

While India was crossing 10 Lakh COVID Positive cases and the members of the middle class family, lower-middle-class family and poor family were losing hope as well as lives the news channels were busy in broadcasting the news of those families who can easily get the treatment or afford the most expensive treatment in the most expensive hospital.

The media has now become a profit earning business. The whole media is being controlled by some corporates and the corporates are moving the key as per their wish, for earning profit. All the news channels are participating in the TRP race against each other.




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