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Over the years, India has pioneered numerous life-saving medicine and has successfully eliminated the various age-old disease from the country. Yet, in the last couple of decades, people at large had been subjected to a peculiar disease be it in urban or rural. Initially, symptoms’ were mild and infrequent but with every passing year, it has gradually become almost a household phenomenon. The attacks became frequent and started to take a huge toll on the mind and body and thus resulting in various social consequences.

‘Thin Skin’ is a medical condition of frequently getting offended at as little as a casual kitchen snub or even a pun intended to generate humour by a comedian, in few advance cases patients get offended at even posture and dress code which they find easily obscene. The sharp increase of ultra nationality quotient in the blood, high threat perception to culture, and a stiff drop of rationals in mind are counted as major attributes to the disease. As per recently fetched data, on average, a thin-skinned person may get offended at least 3-4 times per week which may lead up to multiple attacks even on a single day.

Experts are of the view that the origin of the disease can be traced back to an extremely closed and fundamental society still prevailing in the neighboring countries or might date back to colonial or monarchial past where people used to live under the sharp sword of belief and master’s mercy.  But the appearance of the ailment in modern Indian society could be linked to the rise of the advancement of ‘with the swing’ politics and the influx of unfiltered information in the cells.

Many researchers observed this ailment of getting offended at almost anything and everything is often used by the political machinery to advance propaganda and to create hate against an individual, idea, or group. Recent years have seen a drastic increase in disease among youth especially internet consumers.  They became extremely vulnerable to the ailment considering agile and aggressive social media presence, thus also catering to the cause as a super spreader.
A renowned psychologist of the town on the condition of anonymity opined that the tendency to take offense on various subjects comes from the insecurity of lagging behind to protect the established belief and sentiments. This has been multiplied by a factor of tremendous peer pressure to project oneself as a concerned citizen.

On a closer look at the boiling pattern, it can be identified that most susceptible conditions are extreme religious affinity, a bubble of cultural values, and gross assimilation of fact vs. emotions. The absence of a concrete point of view or opinion on various critical subjects has lacked natural immunity in the victim’s body to combat the disease.

Amid all the gloom, a ray of hope is that series of experiments are running in various laboratories to work on SOPs to control the disease from spreading further and to treat the existing patients.

PS: ‘Thin Skin’ shouldn’t be mixed up with diarrhea thus ORS is not prescribed.

The writer holds a degree in management, student of human behavior and a debutante mangopost blogger

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